November 18-20, 2018
Palm Beach, Florida

The 2017 Automotive Analytics & Attribution Summit (AAAS) was the first of its kind dedicated to online marketing analytics and attribution for the automotive industry. Auto dealers and manufacturers invest heavily in online advertising, yet few standards exist for tracking consumer influence, engagement, and conversion. The auto industry and their advertising partners must work closer together to determine the influences that result in a sale.

For 2018, the AAAS has been organized to attract even more thought leaders, manufacturers, technology companies, and dealership managers who want to work together to solve the unique challenges in the auto industry. Manufacturers, marketing technology companies, marketing portals, and dealership managers are invited to present their research, case studies, and challenges in a forum that will seek to define next steps to solve a pressing problem in our industry.

Conference agenda includes the auto industry’s first digital retailing face-off and active discussions on artificial intelligence, marketing automation, and practical analytics to guide a dealer’s marketing mix.

The event will be held at the The Breakers, in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida.