Six Reasons Why Dealership Managers Should Attend

  1. Dealers must update their marketing strategies to eliminate waste and to increase the number of confirmed opportunities to sell cars. Dealers who are currently focused on generating more “leads” will benefit greatly from attending because they will learn that they are likely chasing the wrong marketing outcomes.
  2. Dealers need to have proper data management in place to inspect their marketing agency partners. Dealers attending will take hands-on training workshops on Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and marketing data management to know how well their marketing dollars are working to drive engaged shoppers to their websites and showrooms.
  3. Dealers need to reduce the friction associated with online shopping and in-store sales, but without proper structures, processes, and data management, dealers will get frustrated. Learn how to overcome these challenges and set realistic expectations for what the future of automotive retail looks like for your store!
  4. Google, Facebook, and leaders in automotive marketing will be demonstrating the first-generation of online-shopping-to-showroom attribution models for the automotive industry. Learn how to leverage this data to improve ad targeting, messaging, and in-store processes. 
  5. Dealers need to learn how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can increase their Return on Ad Spend and reduce labor costs associated with their sales and service departments. The traditional ways the auto industry operates will be upended by technology, so dealers need to be first-to-market to gain a competitive edge.
  6. Voice search and voice assistants (i.e. Alexa, Google Home) are changing the way in which consumers obtain information, book services, and shop online. We will be sharing first-to-market research and demonstrate how these technologies are working NOW in the automotive industry.

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