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Having 37 plus years in the automotive industry, Anthony Monteiro is currently the President of Automotive for DRAIVER the nation’s top On-Demand Driver network.

Over his career, he has been leading the charge on several large innovation projects and currently works with 100’s of large organizations to provide the most robust and cutting-edge products and services in the industry. With a long track record of success at the Nation’s Top-Rated and Leading companies like: DRAIVER, DealerX, ELEAD CRM, Sonic Automotive, Prime Motor Group, CDK Dealer Services and Dealer Consulting Services, Monteiro offers a wide variety of Consulting services in this space from BDC process improvement, Digital Retailing and Website expertise to Product Development business plans and full SDLC specifications.

A rare blend of General Manager and C-Suite level retail experience and VP level of software development expertise, Anthony brings real life perspective to the software design and operations table. As the VP of Product Development Monteiro not only headed up the design and development of the products for the nation’s largest CRM company at ELEAD CRM, where he built one of the first Digital Retail software applications, he also ran the National Platform for Sonic Automotive’s BDC operations across the country.

Working with Business Development operations for DealerX, a fast-moving company that has developed the only real Omni-Channel Conquest Digital Marketing Platform. In the forefront again, Monteiro is at the helm of the Auto Division of DRAIVER providing real solutions and logistics platforms to manage vehicle relocation, pick-up and delivery utilized by many of the nation’s fortune 500 companies.

How can you beat Carvana at their own game?

    How can you beat Carvana at their own game?

    Consumers are attracted to the concept of purchasing completely online, and the demand for remote test drives and home delivery has increased 100-fold because of COVID-19. This session will break down what they are doing, how they do it and show you how to replicate this process within any size dealership, all without investing a penny in the infrastructure. Companies in the digital retail space are spending hundreds of millions in