Denise Chudy

General Manager, Contact at Once! A LivePerson Company

I am a fixer and a grower of businesses. I have spent the bulk of my career helping young companies establish their playbook for strategic and financial success. My focus has ranged from developing go-to-market strategies and positioning to leading product innovation to ramping team development to establishing financial benchmarks. Strong operational skills as I’m most often tasked with originating a new team or division, and developing processes and metrics to drive success.

I had the distinct honor of launching the first national automotive team at Google when the industry stated that they would, “never buy 95 characters of text to advertise cars.” With a strong game plan, a fantastic product and a data strategy to show “it works!” we had 23 auto brands working with us within 2 years. At Google, I was also the first leader of the CPG and Healthcare Display teams at YouTube. My team’s work with Procter and Gamble was featured in The Wall Street Journal, as we broke down the walls between traditional and new media. I also developed and led the first national sales and operations team at Similarly, I led a team that built a new market of customers for The Weather Company (aka The Weather Channel), by leveraging a reseller channel and ad products for SMBs to hyper target local consumers with weather triggered marketing efforts.

Specialties: Team building, P&L development, financial management, process and operational discipline, online marketing, Search marketing, mobile marketing, social media, sales strategy and execution.