Head of Marketing

Drew is passionate about helping the automotive industry be awesome at developing rich, meaningful connections with our customers, and humanizing our digital experiences.

Before joining Gubagoo as Head of Marketing, Drew led a team of 24 marketers at Performance Auto Group, one of the largest and most successful automotive groups in Canada, and was cofounder of Zoom.ca, the first site in Canada where consumers could buy a car online and have it delivered to their door.

Now at Gubagoo, Drew leads the marketing team’s global initiatives. Drew has 20 years of leadership experience across multiple sectors, and his approach to marketing is influenced by his prior background in IT and web development.

He served as Dean of ECommerce and WebDev at a respected IT college in Toronto, and co-founded three tech companies throughout his career. Drew is a Second City improv alumni, an avid board-gamer, and a former competitive swimmer who now enjoys underwater hockey.

Sales Acceleration: Strategy and Metrics That Drive Results

Sales Acceleration: Strategy and Metrics That Drive Results

Dive deep into the transformation happening in the areas of strategy and measurement. Designed for advanced automotive professionals, this session will take a fast-paced look at attribution, proxies, and how funnel acceleration can win sales more efficiently. It’s time to become curious, ask great questions, and reconsider our strategies as we navigate the continued innovations of our industry.