Senior Manager of Analytics Services

Matt Kristo, Sr. Manager of Analytics Services at Outsell, is responsible for the full spectrum of data analytics, including the machine learning models that power Outsell’s Virtual Customer Engagement platform.

As a veteran of Outsell for over a decade, Matt has been involved in building much of the framework of the platform from the ground up, as well as fostering constant innovation and providing hands-on Customer First reporting and solutions for Outsell’s customers.

Keynote | Your best kept secret: Digital Retailing works but only if you tell people about it!
  • November 18th | 2:15 PM
  • Speaking with Guy Super & Jason Harper
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Keynote | Your best kept secret: Digital Retailing works but only if you tell people about it!

Supporting the Online Transaction


When comparing the before and after impact of COVID 19, dealers who added digital retailing to their consumer-driven communications improved overall engagement, linked sales, as well as overall sales for both existing customers and unsold leads – including a significant increase in total gross profit. 

Those are some of the key takeaways from a just-released study from Outsell and RXA along with digital retail partners, CarNow, Gubagoo, and Roadster. But not all digital retailing efforts are created equal. Without a coordinated communication process, your results will be limited. Join Guy Super, vice president of sales, Outsell, Matt Kristo, senior manager of analytics services, Outsell, and Jason Harper, Founder & CEO of RXA, to understand the cumulative impact of individualized communications and effective digital retailing.

Attend this session to learn about your best kept secret and how it is critical to combine Digital Retailing with your coordinated communication effort in order to increase:

  • Engagement,
  • Customer loyalty, and
  • Overall profitability.