Kevin Bacon


Kevin Bacon

Digital Director
Automotive for Comcast Spotlight

Kevin Bacon serves as Digital Director, Automotive for Comcast Spotlight, the advertising sales division for Comcast Cable.

Kevin has extensive Tier 3 experience with nearly 15 years in sales leadership positions. He joined Spotlight in 2015, most recently serving as Area Sales Manager for the Philadelphia market. Prior to Spotlight, Kevin worked in the Tier 2 and 3 digital space as Automotive & Major Accounts Director for Utah Digital Services.


2020:The New TV’s Data Driven Future
Television’s mission to be as accountable as digital, if not more, is underway. At this session, Comcast Spotlight shares dealer success stories utilizing new technology to measure in-campaign and post-campaign allowing dealers optimization, measurement, and attribution. Also, learn how TV’s first party and scale can transform your business model. Plus, get an advanced look at new advancements in Addressability and Sales ROI rolling out to dealers in 2020.

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