Len Short


Founding Chairman and CEO,

Len Short co-founded LotLinx in 2012 and currently serves as Chairman and CEO. Prior to founding LotLinx, Len was the founding CMO of product(RED), the charitable organization created by Bono with support from The Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation. Len has also held numerous other high-profile positions including Executive Vice President, Brand Marketing at AOL/Time Warner, and Chief Marketing Officer for Charles Schwab & Co. Len is a well-respected leader in the auto industry and has been recognized by the likes of the American Marketing Association, the Effie Awards, the DMA Echo Awards, the Francis Hatch Awards, and the International Advertising Festival at Cannes. He is also currently a member of the Forbes Chicago Business Council. Before securing any of these impressive roles, Len received his Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcasting & Film at Boston University.


Retail Automotive: The Rise of the Machines
As margin compression escalates, retailers and OEMs are turning to AI-powered solutions to drive marketing and supply-chain efficiencies. Len Short, Founder and Chairman of LotLinx, an automotive inventory marketing technology company will discuss key industry trends, unit-cost drivers and the powerful new mar-tech solutions built to combat them.

Key Takeaways:
● A good thing gone bad: Dealers are hitting the price button way too often
● The internet changed everything, including the ”Price Elasticity of Demand”
● The boy who cried “Sale”: what if you ran a sale and nobody came… every day?
● Flip the script: The future, and margin is in the “Demand Elasticity of Price”

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