Product Manager for Business Intelligence
Colleen Harris is the Product Manager for Business Intelligence at Sincro and has more than 13 years of digital marketing experience in the automotive, healthcare and entertainment industries.

She brings a passion for data analytics and content creation and has been referred to as the “Google Whisperer”.

Colleen has published white papers on Google Analytics & Google Data Studio best practices. Recent speaking engagements include SMX West, WordPress Camp, CX Data Analytics, Lesbians in Tech, Digital Summit at Home, Digital Summit Seattle, Dallas, Portland and Detroit, Automotive Analytics Summit, Digital Marketing Strategies Conference, and SMX Advanced.

Outside of Sincro, Colleen in a member of Women in Analytics has volunteered as a digital consultant for non-profits.

Unlock Your GMB Potential and Track it in Google Analytics   
  • Speaking with Anna Daugherty

Unlock Your GMB Potential and Track it in Google Analytics   

You’ve all heard by now that you need to focus on Google My Business for your dealership. You may have even attended the very workshop today that showed you how to create department listings. But why does it matter? What creative strategies are you missing that actually help you sell cars? And, more importantly, how do you measure success? 

The Google Whisperer, Colleen Harris, and Anna Daugherty, Earned Marketing Product Marketing Manager for Sincro, show you how to move inventory, show up in search, and measure success with Google My Business and Google Analytics.

By the end of the session, you will be able to: 

- Find new tactics in Google My Business updated you can implement the same day.

- See Google My Business strategies in action and the impact they have for dealers.

- Learn the importance of tagging in your GMB profile so you can report on Google My Business in Google Analytics.