Head of Product Marketing

Josh Goodin is a Digital Marketing veteran and an educator and has been speaking for almost 13 years.  He tackles complex topics, putting them into plain speak so those in the auto industry can understand both the importance and impact of key topics and industry shifts. 

Josh has 20 years of experience across four major industries and is the Head of Product Marketing where he leads a team of marketing experts for Sincro.

Keynote Address: TV is Dead, Long Live TV

Keynote Address: TV is Dead, Long Live TV

Have you heard people saying that the day of TV is over, that it is dead? TV is by no means dead; it is going through a significant change.


Did you know that traditional TV has been losing 9,000 people a day to cord cutting? Did you know that number has gone to over 20,000 per day since COVID began in March (comScore), that close to 6MM people have cut the cord through the first half of 2020 alone? As TV goes through this migration, we as advertisers have an opportunity to grow and change with it, or we have the opportunity to fall behind.

Josh Goodin will talk to you about a variety of topics pertaining to the new TV revolution sometimes called OTT (or CTV, or FEP, or etc.…). You will come out of the session with a better understanding of the landscape and be armed with the right questions to ask providers.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

Understand common acronyms and terms

Get an understanding of the benefits and limitations of Digital TV, especially around tracking, reporting, and key analytics

Have a deeper understanding of quality and what defines it in Digital TV

See what the opportunity in Digital TV looks like for your store(s)

Know the types of providers you can buy from and understand better what type of provider you should buy from