Sunday, November 18th 

(pre-conference hands-on training opportunities)

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Google Analytics Certification for Automotive Professionals – with Brian Pasch (Ponca D’Leon #5)

Brian’s popular GA workshop has been customized for the conference to give vendors and dealers greater insights on how to leverage Google Analytics to improve marketing outcomes. This course is normally $1,000 per person and included in your AAAS Premium Admission ticket.  Seating is limited to 50 people so make sure you purchase a Premium ticket if you want to attend.  The premium ticket also includes a hot lunch on Sunday.

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Learning Google Tag Manager (Open to all attendees) (Ponca D’Leon #5)

Dealers and vendors need to track consumer engagement on their websites and online tools. Learn from the experts at PCG who have built thousands of Google Tag Manager container scripts for the automotive industry. This hands-on workshop will empower attendees to build effective scripts to comply with the PCG Specification for Google Analytics.

5:15 pm

Conference Opens – Welcome Message from Brian Pasch, founder PCG Companies

6:00 pm

General Session: Comcast Spotlight – “Proving the ‘New TV’ is a Full Funnel Solution”

7:00 pm

Opening Cocktail Reception and Hors d’oeuvres sponsored by DealerOn

Monday, November 19th

Conference Opens

7:00 am

Registration and Welcome Breakfast Sponsored by Exponential Opens

8:00 am

General Session Opens: Glenn Pasch, CEO of PCG Companies

8:30 am

Keynote Address: “Connected Retailing: Creating Continuous One-to-One Relationships with Digital Shoppers” with Denise Chudy, General Manager ContactAtOnce! – a LivePerson Company

10:00 am

General Session: “The Future of Automotive Advertising & Attribution” by Brooke Skinner Ricketts, Chief Marketing Officer of

10:45 am

Keynote: “Why the Google Agency Model Is Failing the Automotive Community and How to Fix It!” – Brian Pasch, Founder PCG Companies

11:45 am

Keynote Address: “How to Attribute the True Cost of Good & Bad Salespeople” – David Metter, Founder, AutoHook

12:30 pm

Lunch sponsored by TrueCar

1:30 pm

Breakout Workshops (4 concurrent)

  • Winning on Facebook: Latest Data-Driven Ad Strategies” – Sean Seltzer, CEO of SOCIALDEALER
  • Digital Retailing Fact or Fiction? Real Dealers…Real Results…” – Tim Cox, VP of Sales, Co-Founder, CarNow
  • All Digital Retailing Strategies Aren’t Equal” – Andy Medley, CEO and President, PERQ
  • Journey Through Multi-touch Attribution“- Nick Gorton, Vice President, Product Innovation, Edmunds

2:30 pm

Break with Sponsors

3:00 pm

Breakout Workshops (4 concurrent)

  • “The 5 Most Common Digital Retailing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)” – John Kendrick from
  • “Increasing Online Conversion is not as Hard as You Think!”Brett Sutherlin, CEO fusionZONE
  • Increasing efficiency and profitability with Artificial Intelligence.” – Ron Andrews, Regional VP, Dealer Inspire
  • 4 Untapped Data Sources To Radically Improve Your Attribution and Marketing” – Steve White, CEO Clarivoy

4:00 pm

Break With Sponsors

4:30 pm

General Session: “Attribution in a Post-GDPR World: Measurement Challenges in a More Privacy-Conscious Society” with Christen Bartens, Marketing Measurement Leader, & Jeff Sporn, Chief Digital Officer, Data-driven Marketing, Datalicious / Equifax

5:30 pm

Keynote Presentation: “Digital Darwinism: The Evolution of the Customer Journey ” with Jonathan Lucenay, CEO Client Command

6:30 pm

Cocktail Reception sponsored by CheckMAX powered by QuotePro

7:30 pm

Dine on your own at local restaurants

Tuesday, November 20th

7:30 – 8:30 am

 8:45 am

Breakfast Buffet

Main Stage Panel: “Using Google Analytics & Attribution Models to Save Dealer Groups Millions in Marketing Waste” moderated by Brian Pasch, Founder of PCG Companies

  • Brent Towne, Cox Automotive
  • Steve White, Clarivoy
  • Scott Wideman, Tropacaval Media
  • Gino Cipperoni, Dealer eProcess
  • Eric Miltsch, Dealer Teamwork

9:30 am

Opening Keynote: “Surviving the Cookie Armageddon: How to Thrive in the Adpocalypse” co-presented by Andy Largent CDK Global and Brad Jenson

10:30 am

Keynote and Panel: “Digital Retailing: Hope or Hype? Industry experts share their Vision.” moderated by Brian Pasch

  • Tim Cox, CarNow
  • Andrew Tai, Motoinsight
  • Andy Largent, CDK Global
  • Amit Chandarana,
  • Matt Weinberg, Drive Motors
  • Joe Chura, Dealer Inspire
  • Bill Lathrop, Darwin Automotive
  • Mike Frazer, CheckMAX powered by QuotePro
  • Fred Suckow, Nissan North America

11:30 am

Keynote:Chaos to Clarity: Be Better and Sell Faster with Artificial Intelligence” – Lance Schafer, LotLinx

12:30 pm

Lunch sponsored by Gubagoo

1:30 pm

Breakout Workshops (4 concurrent)

  • Using Known Customer Data Trumps Guessing With AdWords” – Jon Petron, Vice President Advanced Services, Outsell
  • “Online Car Buying Made Easy: Why a Guided Shopping Experience is Key to Online Retailing”Brad Title, CEO Gubagoo
  • Attribution Powered By The Unified Data Layer And Identity Resolution” – Michael Perugi, Automotive Industry Strategist and Principal Consultant, Acxiom
  • Shopper engagement matters: where the consumer is most engaged and why” – Jon MacKinnon, Director of Business Development, CarGurus & Dan Moore, President, VistaDash

2:30 pm

Break with Sponsors

2:45 pm

Digital Retailing Faceoff – Main Stage showing local consumers using eight DR tools to buy a car.

Round One: CarNow – BuyNow  and CDK Global – Connected Store

Round Two: Dealer Inspire – Online Shopper and Motoinsight – MotoCommerce

Round Three: Drive Motors and Dealer eProcess – SARA

Round Four: WebBuy and Darwin Automotive

4:30 pm

Mainstage Panel:Is Digital Retailing Ready to Scale?Rick Levitin , Senior Manager of Customer Experience and Technology, Nissan North America, and Ben Keating, Dealer Principal at Keating Auto Group, Fred Emich, Emich VW & Aaron Wallace, CEO, Schomp Automotive Group

5:30 pm

Mainstage Presentation: Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) Data Solves Tactical Channel Decisions for Auto Dealers” presented by Mike Wethington, Founder of Outsell, Jason Harper, CEO and Founder of RXA, and Dan Moore, President of Vistadash.

6:30 pm

Cocktail Reception sponsored by Podium and book signing with Brian Pasch and Thomas Gage

7:45 pm

Dine on your own at local restaurants