GM Website Program Options

Listen to the four interviews and review package pricing today.

Brian Pasch had the opportunity to interview executives from each company in the expanded General Motors website program. GM dealers should attend the official roadshow to meet with each company and hear their presentations before selecting a company in the new program. Enrollment is now open and pricing sheets have been provided below. GM dealers who demanded “choice” might be pleasantly surprised at the multiple packages and services available to them in the new GM program. 

If managers cannot attend the GM roadshow, we encourage them to listen to all four podcasts and also consider meeting with the companies that 2019 Automotive Analytics & Attribution Summit (AAAS) in Palm Beach Florida, Nov 17-19th. 

DEALERSHIP MANAGERS: If you would be willing to participate in a brief survey, send me an email to from your work email address please.

Next Level Education

Dealership managers who are interested in elevating their online marketing strategies to include digital retailing, hyper-local marketing for Fixed Operations, marketing automation, modern communication strategies, better website design, modern TV, and advanced data targeting should attend AAAS. 

You can download the latest full-color brochure or register your team today. The speakers, workshops, and interactive panels have been recently updated. Book your rooms at The Breakers hotel to maximize your conference experience. Dealer groups sending 3+ employees should contact Carrie Pasch for special package rates: 908-601-6475.

Brian has a brand new workshop at AAAS that shows dealers how to increase sales and service trafafic FOR FREE using hyper-local advertising strategies that leverage Google My Business. Here s a recent dealer quote who attend Brian’s workshop in Detroit in October:

“I just wanted to take a brief moment and thank you for the great session you held in Detroit this past week.  In my nearly 17 professional years in the automotive retail business, your seminar was one of the most engaging I’ve been a part of and equally one of the most I’ve looked forward to.”