Joe Chura


CEO & Co-Founder
Dealer Inspire

Joe Chura began his career on the Ford assembly line at age 20, reading his college textbooks seconds at a time in between building cars. Over the next decade Joe gained experience at many different levels in the automotive industry — including Ford Marketing and Sales, dealership General Manager, and BDC Manager. With a passion for computer programming and moving metal, Joe co-founded Dealer Inspire (DI) to build new solutions to help dealers win. In a few short years, Dealer Inspire has grown to 600 employees serving over 3,000 clients and 24 OEM brands with game-changing innovation as part of the family of companies. Joe is also committed to community service by serving on the board for three local charities: Turning Pointe Autism Foundation, One for the Kids, and Loaves and Fishes. He has three children, a very understanding wife, and a crazy dog named Harley.


Your Bucket Has Holes: How to Carry ROI Through The Customer Journey
At the start of each month we all start with a marketing budget, and we all place our bets on different channels and audiences to go all the way from seeing our ad to walking through our doors. Your ROI is based on how many people will take that journey with you, and all the moments along the way you lose shoppers — from audiences that don’t find your ad relevant to website experiences that lose their patience — are holes in your bucket pouring out wasted budget through the month. Join this session to learn how to use event-based attribution to maximize your ROI through every single moment of the customer journey.

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