Tim Martell


Timothy Martell, commonly referred to as the “SEO Animal,” began as a 22 year automotive retail veteran. As an early adopter of digital marketing, Martell became a national success in the retail space by leveraging SEO, Facebook marketing and reputation management before these terms had even been coined. More importantly, Martell quickly realized that the overwhelming majority of digital services being offered weren’t being measured or held accountable in any tangible way. Martell became obsessed with the only metric that mattered – DISC (Did It Sell a Car)

This obsession led to record breaking results at the small Nissan store Martell worked at – and later the 13 store group where he finished his retail career. Martell has been a featured speaker at nearly every notable automotive conference, twice featured on the covers of automotive publications as well as Dateline and MSNBC.

Today Martell owns and operates the firms Wikimotive – now in business for over a decade and boasting many of the most successful dealer’s in the country as clients – ThinkBetter and Wikid Media.